The EMEX Power® Affiliate Program

Financial Opportunity Through Cutting Edge Technology

EMEX Affiliates Include:

  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Consultants
  • Demand-side managers
  • Energy brokers

EMEX’s Reverse Auction Platform and Its Expert Support Team helps service your customers

The EMEX Power® Affiliate program is Powered by EMEX’s proprietary online reverse auction platform, and focuses on reducing the cost of energy in real-time for commercial & industrial customers through 3rd party channels. EMEX Power Affiliates work hand-in-hand with the EMEX Corporate Office to provide energy procurement and analysis services to their business clients & prospects.

As an EMEX Power Affiliate, you will have a fully automated EMEX-Powered website with your company's name. The backend Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System offers a comprehensive set of Sales and Marketing Tools at your fingertips, plus the full support of EMEX’s in-house team of energy experts to ensure your accounts receive the best service possible.

Individuals who have joined the EMEX Power Affiliate Program agree that they are able to achieve greater success as an Energy Broker through the use of EMEX’s groundbreaking online platform. Now you too can take advantage of the significant value-add that the EMEX Power Affiliate Program brings to your customer’s energy procurement experience, and to your bottom line.

EMEX Power Affiliate Program

A Simplified Approach to Advanced Technology

Through the EMEX Power Affiliate Program, you can uncover the lowest possible rates in the market available to your commercial & industrial customers with a Reverse Auction, review savings with detailed analyses, and allow any competitive rate to be instantly locked-in. Most suppliers are e-sign compatible so contracts can be conveniently signed reviewed online.

Your easy-to-use, automated website will enable your customers to:

  • Have up to 75 highly competitive suppliers compete for their business in an EMEX® Reverse Auction
  • Get instant quotes from national energy providers
  • Get comprehensive savings analyses
  • Receive consultation from EMEX’s expert energy analysts and legal counsel
  • Lock in rates and review contracts that can be conveniently signed online
  • Save up to 30% on their energy bill

The EMEX Power Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System handles all aspects of the sale, from opening bid to contract generation, and streamlines interactions between you, customers and energy providers.

Your administrative control panel intuitively enables you to:

  • Track your customers progress in the procurement process and view their customized quotes as they are updated in real time
  • Easily send contracts and quotes to your customers
  • Have instant access and communication with EMEX’s team of energy experts
  • Track your sales and commissions
  • Track the success of fellow affiliates that you recruit

Shared Commitment

The EMEX Power Affiliate Program is not a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) plan. The EMEX Power Affiliate Program allows you to grow your own business and create a strong affiliate down-line. The website and its technology are completely free as soon as you become an approved affiliate. With no start up or monthly fees, and no cost to become an Affiliate, the opportunity to generate income is unlimited: you have the ability to get residual payments based on supplier agreements and on-flow service of closed contracts.

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